Increase your skills with a world demanded technology.

Exploit our blockchain framework to create incredible projects. You will use Ethereum and Google Cloud Platform to boost your ideas.


You can start your project for free. You will only pay if you make a commercial use of Tokium framework.


First, we will meet you in a 1 hour meeting. Second, you will receive your credentials and documentation. Third, our team will help you with your development doubts.

Your skills, our priority

We are blockchain and open source lovers. Our main objective is that you understand blockchain and exploit its potential.

Blockchain in numbers

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Tokium framework

Our team has created a Javascript SDK that joins the traditional application needs -login, databases or storage- and blockchain features -wallets creation, transactions, asset creation or blockchain data storage-.

Tokium SDK is based on Google Cloud and Ethereum and it has been tested with hundreds of concurrent users.

We are compatible with public and private Ethereum blockchains. You can use the configuration that better ensures with your projects.